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Rob Rawson

Chief Identity Access Officer

Rob has been active in the computer industry since 1978 in positions including sales engineering, product management and consulting to clients ranging from small businesses to international enterprises.

Rob came to CIS after spending 18 years at Novell, where he helped found and later led their consulting program in New York. He was one of the earliest adopters of Novell's Identity Management technologies including Identity Manager and Access Manager. Some of the largest and most complex of these IAM solutions were architected by Rob.

Rob and the other members of his SIEM/IAM practice are thought leaders in the IAM space. Solutions developed at CIS led to a concept of "continuous compliance". The project which implemented this approach reduced PCI audit exceptions at a New York telecommunications provider from hundreds to a single one - and that remaining one was simply that there were no exceptions left to audit.

Rob was the brain child of CIS-MIAMI™, CIS' managed services offering for IAM solutions. This program enables our clients to maintain continuity with the same engineering resources as solutions transition into an operational phase, provides 24x7 alerting and monitoring, and does so within a framework that enables our clients to achieve the highest service levels with cost stability.

Rob has donated custom software tools, written Application Notes, and presented at technical conferences in the US, Europe and Australia. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology for Computer Science, and brings software development methodologies and acumen to the rapid delivery of Identity Management solutions. Rob joined CIS in 2004.

Rob Rawson - CIS' Chief Identity Access Officer
Rob Rawson: Team
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