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With close to 30 years of experience, CIS has become a leader in the IT services industry, providing cutting-edge solutions to help businesses increase efficiency and stay competitive in their respective markets. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service and are determined to exceed of clients' expectations by delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions. CIS' flexibility allows for us to be your fully outsourced IT department and guide you through the best practices in the industry, however we can also take the backseat and run your infrastructure while you focus on running your business. We are passionate about providing the highest quality IT services and are proud to be the trusted technology partner and advisor to our clients.  

Our Managed Services Mission

Our Cyber Security & Risk Management Team 

End User Support

CIS Offers a full managed service. We be your helpdesk for any user support tickets and requests. We can do this across all platforms and all operating systems. We can also assist by providing your end users with device and email security solutions. 

Patch Management 

For this offering we have a tiered approach. We can patch all workstations, networking equipment like switches and firewalls, servers, and even your third-party applications. We do this through an automated process to help you save time so you can focus on running your business. 

Office 365 and Azure Administration 

CIS maintains a team of level 1 – 3 Office 365 and Azure engineers. We can run the onboarding and offboarding of your users from Azure AD, on Prem AD, and your 365 portals. We can also help with group policies, change requests, security, and much more.  

Onsite & Remote Support 

CIS can provide a full level 1 – level 3 helpdesk for both onsite installations and remote support needs. We can provide support throughout all 50 states and can offer staff augmentation as long as you need.  

Network & Infrastructure Support 

CIS maintains networking specialists that can run your firewalls, switches, servers, and other networking devices. This allows us to make sure they follow industry standards to maintain security and network uptime. 

Infrastructure Hosting 

CIS offers hosting both in our own data center and through Microsoft Azure. We are a proud Microsoft CSP and can offer Office 365 licensing and Azure hosting through CIS.  

Backups & DR Management 

Have a backup solution in place but you’re tired of maintaining it in house? CIS will run it for you. We will continuously check your backups are running smoothly and will perform periodic DR tests to make sure in case of emergency everyone is prepared. 

Software Deployments 

CIS makes deployments easy. We can automate the process by pushing new software and applications to all of your endpoints at the same time.  

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