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 Major Content Milestone for CIS Identity Expert

Major Content Milestone for CIS Identity Expert

September 6th, 2018

As a company, a point of pride for CIS is the tremendous knowledge of the firm’s team of Subject Matter Experts. The firm encourages our team to create content for both our own website, as well as in manufacturer support forums, blogs, and other Social areas. This effort is best exemplified by a senior member of the CIS Identity and Access Management team, Geoffrey Carman.
For years, Geoffrey has been lending his expertise to numerous support sites for Micro Focus (NetIQ) Identity and Access. Geoffrey is renowned for his content creation on NetIQ Cool Solutions and has just reached a major milestone, being the first writer to reach 100,000 points on the site. These points equate to over 300,000 words published, in more than 460 articles, on the topic of IAM, which does not include the additional 150,000 words in his two published books on the subject! On Cool Solutions, Geoffrey has published more than 93,000 words, across 46 articles, more than ALL the other competing contributors in the top 10 COMBINED.
Geoffrey’s content is not only prolific, it is incredibly valued by, and useful to, the IAM community. Geoffrey’s content, which is estimated to total more than 1 million words across the various communities over time, have generated roughly 3.4 million page views! And this doesn’t even begin to count views for his over 26,000 forum posts!
Geoffrey “King of Content” Carman is just one of CIS’ many experts hard at work adding value to the IT Community and providing the firm’s clients with unrivaled knowledge and experience.

Major Content Milestone for CIS Identity Expert: Feature
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