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Identity & Access Solutions

CIS' Identity team is world renowned for  a reason

Lifecycle Provisioning Management

Access should follow the user’s journey throughout your organization, from the onboarding to offboarding process and everything in between. We help you by identifying and automating the provisioning process.

Customer Identity & Access Management

Managing customer and consumer identities has a different set of priorities than IAM for your workforce. Internal IAM focuses on cost and risk avoidance. CIAM is a key element of your revenue stream. It is geared towards customer experience, responsiveness, and maximum availability 24x7.

Multi Factor Authentication

MFA has become ubiquitous. We implement MFA strategically in a manner that has minimal impact on administrative tasks and provides a frictionless user experience. We create common MFA solutions for applications irrespectively of whether they support it natively and ease the enrollment process.

Self Service Password Reset

We offer multiple solutions that help by giving users the option to reset their own passwords in a secure and compliant manner. Everything from challenge questions to advanced second authentication factors such as biometrics can be used.

Hybrid (Cloud/On Prem) Identity Solutions

Whether you are trying to have your cloud hosted IGA manage on prem resources or your on prem IGA manage cloud resources CIS has the experience and expertise to design, develop, and operate your identity infrastructure.

Identity as a Service Based Solution

IaaS is a growing aspect of the identity landscape. Nearly all major vendors have begun offering their technology in this manner, but you still may want expertise for IAM design. Whether you want architecture, design, or deployment CIS can help.

Identity Governance

New regulations are coming out all the time from government and industry alike. Staying compliant is a critical task to assure business continuity. IGA can discover, evaluate, and enforce policies to comply with the mandates you are confronted with.

Privileged User Management

You’ve secured all of your end users access, but who is watching the administrators, and why should you give them all the keys to the kingdom? CIS utilizes the solutions from our key partners to help your team administer, manage, and monitor the activities of privileged users, and limit their scope.

Federation & Single Sign On

Your workers and customers deserve a seamless authentication experience no matter where your services are hosted, but not all web apps are federation enabled. As SaaS is being integrated alongside a variety of legacy web applications it is crucial to provide a unified authentication experience.

Security Information Event Management

SIEM solutions can correlate events from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive view of a threat. Combined with Identity solutions we can both identify the attack and the attacker.


CIS-MIAMI™ stands for Managed Identity and Access Management. This tiered offering provides services at multiple levels through a cost certain monthly fee structure. Offerings include a continuum from administration, design, development, deployment, and operations to consulting.

Data Access Governance

Data Governance solutions extend the concept of Identity Governance, which usually deals with structured data and their permissions, to include unstructured data like you would find in a file server. These permissions can be combined with IG reviews for a comprehensive review of user access.

Our IAM Team 


It's simple. Information Technologies are getting larger and more complex. Each new technology requested by a business unit becomes one more system that needs to be managed and administered by the IT department. This creates progressively more complex challenges to the management of access, authentication, and authorization. The widespread embrace of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications has empowered individual contributors to embrace applications for which IT does not maintain "ownership", while expecting support.


At CIS, Identity and Access Solutions are our passion. We understand the business needs, the organizational and external pressures and will architect solutions that meet those needs elegantly and reliably. Our national team of solutions specialists are world renowned integrators of IAM technologies and average over 20 years of experience in their field. Whether your needs include HR integration, roles-based provisioning, regulatory compliance, governance automation, security event monitoring, federated single sign-on, custom developed drivers or a solution which cherry picks functionality from any or all of these disciplines, CIS makes it a success.

Our IAM Partners

NetIQ OpenText Partner
Microsoft Partner
Ping Identity Partner
ForgeRock Partner
BeyondTrust Partner
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