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Geoffrey Carman

Subject Area Master -

Identity and Access Management

Geoffrey is world renowned for his superior knowledge and experience, and is a true global thought-leader in Identity and Access Management concepts. He also wrote the book on the concept. Literally.
Geoffrey has spent significant personal time developing a support community and knowledge base for the Microfocus/NetIQ Identity suite, and Identity Management concepts in general. He is the author of over 350 articles on topics spanning the IDM world. This work places him as the leading contributor to Microfocus/NetIQ's Cool Solutions support forum, almost by an order of magnitude. Geoffrey has over one million words published in this open forum. Since 2008, Geoffrey has been one of 27 Microfocus/NetIQ Knowledge Partners (1 of 3 on the CIS Identity team!), acting as a volunteer supporting a number of products in the Microfocus/NetIQ forum.
As a member of the Microfocus/NetIQ Technology Transfer Partnership (NovTTP), a Microfocus/NetIQ and Educational (K-12 and Higher Ed) group, he has participated in the online fora, as well as attending the annual conference and presenting sessions. Geoffrey regularly presents at Microfocus/NetIQ's BrainShare conference when it is held. 
Geoffrey would like to challenge you to a triathlon.

Geoffrey Carman: TeamMember
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