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CIS & MicroFocus to host exclusive Identity & Access briefing

April 5th, 2019

Early next week, CIS and Micro Focus will be co-hosting an incredibly exclusive briefing on critical Identity Management and Access Governance topics. The briefing will be held at a prestigious Manhattan institution that discretion prevents us from naming now, and will include valuable presentations from the speakers listed in the agenda below.


Seating is critically limited for this event, contact a CIS rep today to learn more!


08:00 – 08:40 AM Arrivals | Breakfast

08:40 – 08:45 AM Welcome and Introductions


Todd Hershman, President, Computer Integrated Services Company (CIS)

08:45 – 09:10 AM Cyber Enterprise Risk – The Importance of Aligning Identity & Access Management to the Business
Rob Aragao, CISSP Cyber Security Strategist, Micro Focus – Enterprise Security


As all businesses go through their own iteration of Digital Transformation, how are you ensuring that your identity and access management strategy supports the business needs while also continuing to keep your organization secure? Balancing new business requirements while also ensuring the organization stays in compliance with new regulations, can be difficult to balance. Hear about the key elements to consider, whether you are defining, or evolving your identity and access management strategy.

09:10 – 09:45 AM Single vs. Multi-Identity Methodology in a Multi-Domain World
Andy Putvin, Senior Manager Identity and Access Management, Trinity Health


In the past, your identity was internal only and under your control. Now, With technologies like Office365 your identity gets replicated and becomes more challenging to keep secure.

09:45 – 10:10 AM Understanding Identity in a Hybrid World – What to do (and not do) in Hybrid Identity Solutions
Rob Rawson, Chief Identity Access Officer, Computer Integrated Services Company (CIS)


In the world of Identity, the only constant is change. Revolutionary change can be disruptive, such as replacing on-premises services with cloud-based ones. While nearly all enterprises have or are moving some of their requirements to something as a service (“XaaS”), few will ever move entirely. The requirements for security, provisioning, authentication and compliance remain and are complicated by this new reality. What is needed is an evolutionary strategy that leverages existing organizational processes while providing a clear path to embrace change. We will discuss the various types of identity integration technologies, such as identity replication versus federation, and how they can and should be used when extending an enterprise into the cloud.

CIS & Micro Focus to host exclusive Identity & Access briefing: Feature
CIS & MicroFocus hosted an exclusive Identity & Access briefing
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