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January 22nd, 2021

The conventional methods of access, authorization, and authentication are in transition.  Enterprise IT environments are getting larger and more complex.  Regulatory requirements are a mounting challenge.

Meanwhile, SaaS is enabling individual lines of business to implement their own solutions without the participation of IT.  Often these self-administered systems become business critical parts of the infrastructure.  Ultimately, IT will be held accountable for the operational fidelity and security of those.  Over time, this can spiral into a death of a thousand paper-cuts.

Computer Integrated Services’ Identity Management (IDM) team offers unparalleled expertise in creating the infrastructure that will unify administration, automate and audit identity life cycles.  It can codify provisioning, governance and authentication processes across heterogeneous platforms while augmenting security through a variety of Identity and Access Management solutions for both on and off-premises applications.

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 CIS is Recognized in Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Providers by Enterprise Security

CIS is Recognized in the Top 10 Identity and Access Management Providers

CIS is Recognized in the Top 10 Identity and Access Management Providers: Feature
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