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Rob Rawson and Matt Graves

CIS Partners with CyberRes and Climb Channel Solutions for a Roundtable Discussion on Customer Identity & Access Management

August 18th, 2022

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) connects the dots between improving your digital marketplace’s performance, providing a better customer experience, and protecting-and respecting your customers’ private information.

Regardless of industry vertical, organizations that do CIAM right will find the investment pays off as both a competitive advantage and a hedge against hackers and compliance violations.

Join our virtual roundtable where industry experts Rob Rawson (CIS) and Matt Graves (CyberRes) discuss why organizations are adopting CIAM, how you can build a plan to improve CIAM based on your current status – and how CyberRes products can integrate into your plans.

CIS Named MicroFocus NetIQ Partner of the Year: Services
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