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Anthony Fama

Senior Security Expert

Anthony has hands on familiarity with first generation computing since 1981.  He worked on hardware built by IBM, Apple, AT&T and Compaq.  Also, programming expertise in FORTRAN, Pascal, and assembly languages at that time.  Now specializing in Perl, Scapy, Python and C for developing scripts to test clients’ vulnerabilities.  Operating systems certifications include Novell, AIX, HP/UX and Solaris, and, over a dozen certifications from Cisco.
Mr. Fama has been CIO, CTO and CEO of several renown international technology and information security firms, mostly with a focus on International Banks and Wall Street Firms.  He came to CIS circa 1999.  Since doing so, he has led our infrastructure and security team and has received countless accolades from our clients.  Anthony does much traveling giving awareness training and security program training for all CIS clients.
While developing a wealth of original security code and infrastructure designs, his academic background comes from NYU Polytechnic at the undergraduate level in Physics and Electrical Engineering.  Anthony Also Holds an MBA with focuses in Economics and Psychology from NYIT, GPA 4.0.  Finally, Mr. Fama holds a degree in Astronomy as well; focusing on Astrophysics with graduate studies that have taken him to MIT and the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard.
Mr. Fama is recognized in the industry as a CISSP and has countless other successes in the information security field and a Mensa member for three decades.

Anthony Fama Senior Security Expert
Anthony Fama: TeamMember
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