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Andrew Rathkopf

Service Delivery Manager

Andrew brings thirty-five years of management experience over a wide array of industries to the CIS team. He spent nearly twenty-five years in the financial field, which honed his speed as he worked to solve problems and maximize efficiency and speed of service. His vast experience allows him to cycle through possible ideas at breakneck speed, while his tenacity and perseverance push him to succeed at every level. 
Andrew leads by example, quickly assessing current needs and rolling up his sleeves to jump into crafting solutions. He quickly assesses the strengths of his team and can break down larger tasks in such a way that everyone collaborates and contributes to achieve the best results. From crawling around on the floor, building out computers in the middle of the night to white-glove executive support for CEOs and executive management, there isn't much Andrew hasn't done. His professional and personal philosophy is, "whatever it takes to get the job done right." Andrew has never settled for quick fixes and works resolutely to identify root problems and build long-term solutions to enhance existing framework and systems.

Andrew Rathkopf - Service Delivery Manager
Andrew Rathkopf: TeamMember
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