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For over twenty-one years CIS’ philosophy and culture of “It’s All About the Client” has resulted in a fanatical devotion to developing long-term mutually beneficial customer relationships.  CIS maintains a sterling reputation for technical excellence throughout all divisions, with a particular renown for expertise in Identity and Access ManagementNetwork SecurityEnterprise Cloud Migrations, and IP Telephony.  CIS' annual client retention rate, which has exceeded 90% every year since the firm was founded in 1995, is a testament to the expertise and dedication that allow CIS to become the trusted technology partner for our clients.

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It is Past Time to be Open to Windows Server 2016

Nobody likes upgrades or changes to back-end infrastructure that, on a typical day, just works. Such is the life of the server. Server operating systems are typically a “set and forget,” with the knowledge that this group of servers runs on that flavor of Windows, which will be upgraded at the same time as the hardware. However, there are compelling reasons to consider an upgrade to Windows Server 2016.

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So Your Email is in the Cloud, Now What?

Imagine: You manage IT for a 50-employee accounting firm in Manhattan. As anyone in that position knows, in this context, “manage” means “completely run everything on a limited budget, with limited tolerance for IT requests.” This is as tough a role as there is in the IT world. With few dollars to spend, every decision becomes critical, and the need to squeeze extra life out of each product purchase is paramount; which is why you’re now running 10 critical production servers in a virtual environment hosted on eight year old non-warrantied server hardware with a similarly aged SAN on the back-end. You’ve made a Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) request for new hardware each of the last 3 years, and it’s been rejected each of the last 3 years. You know your backups run, but you’ve never given them a full failover test. Any critical issue with your server hardware could mean the end of your job, if not the entire company...

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How a Managed Services Approach to Ransomware Protection Would Have Blocked WannaCry

Beginning on May 12, 2017, in more than 150 countries around the world, business operations for companies of all shapes and sizes ground to a halt. Over 230,000 computers were infected in only a few days by a particularly malicious crypto-worm known as WannaCry. Despite protections that blocked initial versions of the worm, even some of the largest corporate entities across Europe were eventually breached by later permutations. In addition to thousands of smaller companies, victims of this attack included the British National Health Service, FedEx, Telefonica Spain, and Deutsche Bahn.

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"Tel" Me More? - Mitel Acquires ShoreTel

On July 27th, 2017, an announcement was made that rival manufacturer Mitel has made financial arrangements to acquire ShoreTel, with the transaction expected to close during Q3 of 2017. The new combined organization will immediately become the 2nd largest in the Unified Communications market.

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Updated 6/28: New Ransomware Outbreak

It has come to our attention that a new wave of Ransomware outbreaks has struck thousands of companies throughout Europe, Asia, and parts of the United States. CIS is monitoring the situation and will be providing ongoing updates to clients who may be impacted. As always, caution and diligence are the best answers in a situation like this. Further information for remediation and protection will be provided as new details emerge.

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CIS and BeyondTrust host webinar focused on IT Privilege Abuse in Higher Education

I’m reaching out to invite you to a webinar that BeyondTrust and CIS are hosting for a small group of IT and security leaders at Mid-Atlantic colleges and universities: “Preventing IT Privilege Abuse in Higher Education.” Please pass on to your team members!! Below is a presentation overview and login details, plus links to a couple relevant analyst reports. I hope you can make it! If so, please hit “accept” so we know to expect you.

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A founding philosophy at CIS is to provide excellence in every conceivable role. CIS goes to great lengths to ensure that each member of the CIS team exudes courtesy and confidence. Each CIS team is managed by a Practice Director, who is typically responsible for architecting and designing projects, interfacing with clients in conjunction with the assigned project manager, and providing high-level management, as needed.

CIS Executives are directly involved in the daily aspects of the firm's business, providing direct management of client accounts and operations, as well as oversight to accounts that are managed by CIS Reps. This approach helps ensure that clients have a true voice in what is done, with feedback going directly to management and ownership, making CIS shockingly responsive to client needs.

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